Ready to sweat?!?!


My journey started when I was 15. I wanted to learn to salsa dance. This was my culture so how could I not know these dances? My mom trained me to dance every Wednesday at 6p in our living room. From that day forward my love of dance grew and grew. Any opportunity I could find to enter contests or perform I did it. As the years past I had 2 children and gained 50 lbs with each. I started managing a weight loss center to gain more knowledge of nutrition and fitness. I also became Zumba Certified. I attended classes on regular basis until I felt comfortable teaching. I lost my baby weight and gained confidence. Then 5 yrs later I felt I was ready. I practiced my songs and choreo until perfected. Now here I am teaching all over the triad and Loving every minute of it. I teach different styles of dance fitness from all countries. So in my class you will get Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Soca, Hip Hop, Mambo, and my favorite is my Squat Routine. You will burn a minimum of 600 calories in my class.

I also have my own t-shirt line with “Dance with Latin Diva: on the front and all my shirts have the word “SHUTUP AND SQUAT” on the back. I continue to sell out and produce more shirts since they have become very popular.

I am so fortunate to be doing something I enjoy! I love my Dance Fans. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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